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Do this, do that ... but not that and not quite yet (for viola, accordion, electronics, video and audience)

Duration: ca. 15'

commissioned by SPOR Festival for Duo Van Vliet

Premiere: May 2024 - Aarhus (Åbne Scene, Godsbanen)

Calls to this number are being diverted - music theatre (2 soloists, 3 ensemble members)

Duration: ca. 90' (+ pre-event installation)

commissioned and produced by Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere

Premiere run: Teater Refleksion, Aarhus - 3x shows (2nd-4th February 2024)


We're Pleased To Meet Us - collaborative work with EKKI MINNA duo (cello, accordion, electronics, video)

Duration: 45'-1hr

commissioned by EKKI MINNA 

Premiere: 2025 (Details TBA)

En Dansk Symfoni - for solo performer, orchestra + fixed media

Duration: ca.30'

commissioned by Aarhus Kammerorkester

Premiere: November 2024, Aarhus (Details TBA)


abacus of because (music-theatre collaboration between Current Resonance and K!ART)

Duration: work-in-progress ca. 40'

First sharing of work-in-progress: Åbne Scene, Godsbanen, Aarhus as a culmination of a two week residency - October 24th 2022

A very exciting product launch (for oboe, clarinet and string trio + video & audience participation)

Duration: ca. 15'-20'

Premiere: Ensemble Mosaik - Aarhus (Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium) - September 30th 2022 

Speak before you think (after Laughter Studies by Louis d'Heudieres) (two performers, video, electronics and audience participation)

Duration: ca.25'

Premiere: Metronomen, Frederiksberg - June 2022 - Current Resonance

Keep still, the city can see you (violin, synthesiser and live electronics)

Duration: ca.10'

Premiere: Lille Sal, Musikhuset Aarhus - May 16, 2022 - Duo Dan/Nie

sliding gliding watching waltzing for solo cello, assistant, Chladni plate, electronics and light

Duration: ca.10'

commissioned by St Andrews University (as part of the Musical Waves project)

Premiere: Panorama Festival - Room 224, Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium - March 27th, 2022 - Alexandra Hallén and Matthew Grouse


ctrl+Y: for 4 performers with computer keyboards and instruments (fl., gtr., perc., MIDI kbd.) & live electronics 

(there is also a version for vlc., gtr., perc., MIDI kbd. - written for K!ART)

Duration: ca. 35'

Premiere: May 10th 2021, Rytmisk Sal, Aarhus - Curious Chamber Players

Are you there?: for Rubens' Tube and mono audio playback

Duration: ca.5'

commissioned by St Andrews University (as part of the Musical Waves project)

Premiere: Online streaming event (Science Discovery Days) - March 2021 


Left Right, Left Right: for percussionist, live electronics and video

Duration: ca. 8'

Collaboratively composed with Sam Wilson

Commissioned by Riot Ensemble and hcmf// as part of the Zeitgeist Commissions

Premiere: Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival - November, 2020

Solos and Tuttis (a vestige of an unheard season): for orchestra (

Duration: ca. 8'

Commissioned by: The Cumnock Tryst

Premiere: March 2024 - SWR Symphonieorchester - Stüttgart

Silberblau: for solo classical guitar and electronics

Duration: ca. 8'

commissioned by Sasha Savaloni

Premiere: May 2021 - Frederik Munk Larsen - Current Resonance Festival, Musikhuset, Aarhus

Add a public comment ...: for SATB choir, virtual singer and video

Duration: ca. 9'

Animation by Jan Giedroyc

Premiere: Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, Aarhus - May 2023 - Concert Clemens and Carsten Seyer-Hansen

Polyglots: for performers using Duolingo, instruments + video

Duration: variable - approx 10-20'

Written for Current Resonance

Premiere: Pulsar Festival, March 2020, RMC, Copenhagen - Matt Grouse + Current Resonance

CONTACT: interactive audiovisual collaboration with Andy Sowerby (projections, instruments, electronics)

Duration: ca. 30'

Premiere: Cryptic Nights, postponed due to COVID-19, and premiered 08.09.22 (programmed alongside 'Scratch' and 'Eye of the Storm') - Harry Gorski-Brown, Patrick Shand, Matthew Grouse, Andy Sowerby



Daily Rituals: for soprano, clarinet, harp, double bass and electronics

Duration: ca. 17'

for The Hermes Experiment (The Night With... commission)

Premiere: The Night With, November 2019 - The Hermes Experiment

Another Binewski: for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, violin, cello and synthesized voice

Duration: ca. 3'30"

Commissioned by Hebrides Ensemble

Premiere: Edinburgh International Book Festival, August 2019

Toodle Oodle: for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, violin, cello

Duration: ca. 2'

Commissioned by Hebrides Ensemble

Premiere: Edinburgh International Book Festival, August 2019

wood.pulse: for solo bassoon

Duration: ca. 5'

for Ben Hudson of Psappha Ensemble as part of their 'Composing for Bassoon' scheme

Premiere: Glasgow Experimental Music Series, November 2019 - Ronan Whittern

Clipping: for solo timpani and field recording

Duration: ca. 10'30"

Premiere: noise.pocket : 4 pieces, February 2019 - Joshua Dunbar



Apertures: for solo clarinet in Bb

Duration: ca. 5'

Attach: for orchestra (40 players, in 4 groups)

Duration: 7'30"

Up to 70 performances included in the Nevis Ensemble's inaugural tour around Scotland, as part of Glasgow2018.

The Periphery Archives: for mezzo soprano, viola, cello, piano, percussion and fixed media

Duration: ca. 25'

Premiere: Plug Festival, May 2018 - Stevenson Hall - MusicLab

Afterimages: for bassoon, 2 synthesizers and live electronics

Duration: ca. 7'

Premiere: Plug Festival, May 2018 - Stevenson Hall - Ronan Whittern, Stuart Moir, Electra Perivolaris, Matthew Grouse

Pressed Steel: an etude for electric guitar

Duration: 3'

Premiere: 25th of July, 2018 - Akademie für Tonkunst, Darmstädter Ferienkurse - Sean Rogan

A Crowning Insult: for clarinet in Bb, Violin, Cello, Harp, Electric Bass (amplified ensemble)

Duration: ca. 7'30"

Premiere: 15th of March - Ledger Recital Room - Red Note Ensemble


Unwaxed for chamber orchestra (2 (II=picc) .2.2 (I=Eb Cl. - II=B Cl.) .2 - 2.2.0 - Timp -

Duration: ca. 7'

First workshopped: Royal Northern Sinfonia and Hugh Brunt - Sage Gateshead 22-11-17

Wine Lips - for sextet (picc. / cl. in Bb / string quartet)

Length: ca. 6'30

First performance: The Assembly Project and Mark Biggins St Magnus Cathedral (St Magnus International Festival) 21/06/17

Coming through the firmament - for string quartet

Length: ca. 3'

First workshopped: The Gildas Quartet at the 2017 St Magnus International Festival Composer's Course.

10 Polaroids - for string trio

Length ca. 11'30"

First performance: Live Music Now Venues in June 2017 (performed by the Dohnányi String Trio)

Scratch - audiovisual fixed-media collaboration with visual artist Andy Sowerby

Length ca. 2'

First performance: Electroacoustic Concert 24/04/2017 Alexander Gibson Opera Studio

Eye of the Storm - audiovisual fixed-media collaboration with visual artist Andy Sowerby

Length ca. 7'

First performance: Electroacoustic Concert 24/04/2017 Alexander Gibson Opera Studio

10 seconds - for soprano saxophone, accordion, e-guitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano, laptop performer

Length ca. 9'

First performance: PLUG 3: Composer's Collective 10/05/17

(winner of the Dorico Award at the Scottish Awards For New Music 2018)

Percolator - a miniature for 2 pianos

Length ca. 3'

First performance: PLUG 8: Glasgow Piano Duets 11/05/17 


I scream at the wind (I hear no answer) - for amplified soprano saxophone, live electronics and tape

Length ca. 7'30"

written for and performed by Lewis Banks

Krantz - for Flute, Sop Sax, Bassoon, Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Violins x2, Viola, Cello (For The Cumnock Tryst)

Length ca.9'

Premiered by MusicLab - 01/10/16 - Cumnock Old Church

Mortise - for clarinet in Bb, cello and piano 

Length: ca. 10'30"

Premiered by Hebrides Ensemble - 06-05-16 - Stevenson Hall

(winner of the 2016 Walter and Dinah Wolfe Memorial Award)

Orchids, Thrift and Silverweed = Mezzo and Piano (Poem by Margaret Greenwood)

Length 5'

Premiered by Charlotte Heslop (Mezzo) & Fionnuala Ward (Piano) - 02/04/16 - Leeds College of Music


Trio (in 2 movements) - electroacoustic piece using source material of piano, violin, double bass


mvt.I = 6'17''


mvt.II = 5'30'

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