Palettes featured in National Sawdust Log's weekly playlist, curated by Steve Smith (12.03.18)

Left Right, Left Right  for practice pad, drum trigger and live electronics / video - Co-composed with and performed by Sam Wilson [2020]

ctrl+Y  for four performers and live electronics - Performed by Curious Chamber Players [2021]

Are you there? for Rubens' Tube and mono-audio [2021]

Eye of the Storm - Audiovisual collaboration with Andy Sowerby [2017]

Scratch - Audiovisual collaboration with Andy Sowerby [2017]

Daily Rituals for amplified quartet and fixed media - Performed by The Hermes Experiment [2020]

wood.pulse for solo bassoon - Performed by Ben Hudson [2019]

Coming through the firmament for string quartet - Performed by noise.pocket [2017]