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DUO (with and without electronics)

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Do this, do that ... but not that and not quite yet (for viola, accordion, electronics, video and audience)

Duration: ca. 15'

commissioned by SPOR Festival for Duo Van Vliet

Premiere: May 2024 - Aarhus (Åbne Scene, Godsbanen)


We're Pleased To Meet Us - collaborative work with EKKI MINNA duo (cello, accordion, electronics, video)

Duration: 45'-1hr

commissioned by EKKI MINNA 

Premiere: 2025 (Details TBA)


Speak before you think (after Laughter Studies by Louis d'Heudieres) (two performers, video, electronics and audience participation)

Duration: ca.25'

Premiere: Metronomen, Frederiksberg - June 2022 - Current Resonance

Keep still, the city can see you for Duo Dan/Nie (violin, synthesiser and live electronics)

Duration: ca.10'

Premiere: Lille Sal, Musikhuset Aarhus - May 16, 2022 - Duo Dan/Nie

sliding gliding watching waltzing for solo cello, assistant, Chladni plate, electronics and light

Duration: ca.10'

commissioned by St Andrews University (as part of the Musical Waves project)

Premiere: Panorama Festival - Room 224, Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium - March 27th, 2022 - Alexandra Hallén and Matthew Grouse


Percolator - a miniature for 2 pianos

Length ca. 3'

First performance: PLUG 8: Glasgow Piano Duets 11/05/17 


Orchids, Thift and Silverweed = Mezzo and Piano (Poem by Margaret Greenwood)

Length 5'

Premiered by Charlotte Heslop (Mezzo) & Fionnuala Ward (Piano) - 02/04/16 - Leeds College of Music

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