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3-6 players (with and without electronics)

ctrl+Y - Curious Chamber Players (©Kehlet Video)
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A very exciting product launch (for oboe, clarinet and string trio + video & audience participation)

Duration: ca. 15'-20'

Premiere: Ensemble Mosaik - Aarhus (Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium) - September 30th 2022 


ctrl+Y: for 4 performers with computer keyboards and instruments (fl., gtr., perc., MIDI kbd.) & live electronics 

(there is also a version for vlc., gtr., perc., MIDI kbd. - written for K!ART)

Duration: ca. 35'

Premiere: May 10th 2021, Rytmisk Sal, Aarhus - Curious Chamber Players


Polyglots: for performers using Duolingo, instruments + video

Duration: variable - approx 10-20'

Written for Current Resonance

Premiere: Pulsar Festival, March 2020, RMC, Copenhagen - Matt Grouse + Current Resonance



Daily Rituals: for soprano, clarinet, harp, double bass and electronics

Duration: ca. 17'

for The Hermes Experiment (The Night With... commission)

Premiere: The Night With, November 2019 - The Hermes Experiment

Another Binewski: for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, violin, cello and synthesized voice

Duration: ca. 3'30"

Commissioned by Hebrides Ensemble

Premiere: Edinburgh International Book Festival, August 2019

Toodle Oodle: for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, violin, cello

Duration: ca. 2'

Commissioned by Hebrides Ensemble

Premiere: Edinburgh International Book Festival, August 2019



The Periphery Archives: for mezzo soprano, viola, cello, piano, percussion and fixed media

Duration: ca. 25'

Premiere: Plug Festival, May 2018 - Stevenson Hall - MusicLab

Afterimages: for bassoon, 2 synthesizers and live electronics

Duration: ca. 7'

Premiere: Plug Festival, May 2018 - Stevenson Hall - Ronan Whittern, Stuart Moir, Electra Perivolaris, Matthew Grouse

A Crowning Insult: for clarinet in Bb, Violin, Cello, Harp, Electric Bass (amplified ensemble)

Duration: ca. 7'30"

Premiere: 15th of March - Ledger Recital Room - Red Note Ensemble


Wine Lips - for sextet (picc. / cl. in Bb / string quartet)

Length: ca. 6'30

First performance: The Assembly Project and Mark Biggins St Magnus Cathedral (St Magnus International Festival) 21/06/17

Coming through the firmament - for string quartet

Length: ca. 3'

First workshopped: The Gildas Quartet at the 2017 St Magnus International Festival Composer's Course.

10 Polaroids - for string trio

Length ca. 11'30"

First performance: Live Music Now Venues in June 2017 (performed by the Dohnányi String Trio)


Mortise - for clarinet in Bb, cello and piano 

Length: ca. 10'30"

Premiered by Hebrides Ensemble - 06-05-16 - Stevenson Hall

(winner of the 2016 Walter and Dinah Wolfe Memorial Award)

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