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(for solo classical guitar, electronics and light)



ca. 8'



solo classical guitar (amplified)

audio playback

lights (DMX controllable)



First performed by Frederik Munk Larsen @ Current Resonance Festival 2021

Commissioned by Sasha Savaloni


Documentation: performed by Sasha Savaloni, recorded and mixed by Timothy Cooper

The piece takes Schubert's Grab und Mond D.893 (for low voices) as its source material. Schubert sets a particularly chilling poem of the same name by Johann Gabriel Seidl. The text addresses both the moon and the grave, seeking answers about life after death. Silberblau takes the separation of the worlds above and below the grave as its starting point. The guitar’s strings are divided through the use of a capo, which allows two distinct soundworlds to emerge. Schubert’s music is processed and disfigured via a three-fold filter of the capo; string preparations; and manipulated recordings of Grab und Mond, which I arranged for guitar at the beginning of the process.


Sasha Savaloni - 02.05.22 Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow - 13.00 (GMT)

Mikkel Schou - 08.12.21 DOKK1, Lille Sal, Aarhus - 20.00

Mikkel Schou - MINU_festival_for_expanded_music 20.11.21 Christianshavn Beboerhus, Copenhagen - 20.00

Frederik Munk Larsen - Current Resonance Festival 03.11.21 Klubscenen, Musikhuset, Aarhus - 20.00

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