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keep stiLl, the city can see you



ca. 10'



violin (amplified)

25-key MIDI keyboard

Live electronics in Max


First performed by Duo Dan/Nie 16.05.22, Lille Sal, Musikhuset Aarhus.

(for violin, synthesizer and live electronics)



Documented performance: Anna Jalving and Matthew Grouse - New Music For Strings Festival (Aarhus), 26.06.2022


Thanks to those who recorded their voices for the piece: Patrick Shand, Anna Jalving, Juta Pranulyte, Mireia Gongora, Sophia Sagaradze, Dylan Richards, Connor McLean, J Javier Ucendo, and Mathilde Schelin 


Anna Jalving (vln.) and Matthew Grouse (kbd.) - 25.06.22 Kammemusiksal, Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium - 13.00

Duo Dan/Nie - 16.05.22 Lille Sal, Musikhuset Aarhus - 20.00

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