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LEFT Right, left right


(for practice pad, drum trigger, live electronics and video)



ca. 9'



Practice pad (for mounted snare drum) Drum trigger

Live electronics and video (Max/Jitter)



(co-composed with Sam Wilson)


Premiered by Sam Wilson at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival  22.11.21 


Video recorded in Kings Place, London Sound recording: Aaron Holloway Nahum Cameras: Intone Films

co-commissioned by Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Riot Ensemble

The primary instrument in Left Right, Left Right is Sam’s own practice pad. Each of Sam’s hits trigger deconstructed recordings of the collaborative process. Effectively, Sam’s playing becomes a vehicle to retell portions of the conversations, which touched on obsessive behaviours, the unlearning of physiological habits, identity crisis and banal routines.