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(interactive audio-visual-tactile live show)



ca. 30'



Prepared violin (tin foil)
Additional performer
2x custom-made paintbrush synthesizers
1 individual mini-vibration motor for each audience member (capped at 49)
2x projection screens (1 standing, 1 suspended above performers)
Live electronics + Live video



(a collaboration with visual-artist Andy Sowerby)

Premiered by Harry Gorski-Brown (violin + performance), Patrick Shand (performance), Matthew Grouse (live electronics) and Andy Sowerby (live visuals) @ Cryptic Nights 08.09.2022 (Glasgow Centre of Contemporary Arts)

The show was originally scheduled to premiere in March 2020 and was subsequently postponed multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic


Harry Gorski-Brown, Patrick Shand, Andy Sowerby, Matthew Grouse - Cryptic Nights - 08.09.22, Contemporary Centre of Arts, Glasgow - 19:30 (UK time)

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