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Speak before you think

(after laughter studies)


(for two performers, video-led audience participation and live electronics)



ca. 25'



Performer 1: voice

Performer 2: Any instrument



First performed by Matthew Grouse and Joss Smith @ Current Resonance: Double Duos 20/06/2022 - Metronomen, Copenhagen


Documentation: Alex Mørch

Speak before you think was written in response to Louis d'Heudieres series of compositions entitled 'Laughter Studies'. Taking the imitative and descriptive mechanisms explored in d'Heudieres' works as a starting point, Speak before you think invites audience members to describe a generic deluge of images they see projected on a screen; respond to text prompts and mimic physical gestures. The audience responses act as a real-time audioscore for the 2 on-stage performers (transmitted via headphones with exponential levels of live-processing and manipulation). The duo, with the help of video instructions, guide the audience through a series of exercises, imitating, congratulating, encouraging, heckling, and visually mirroring them as they go. 

Produced with support from William Demant Fonden, C.A.C Fonden, Frederiksberg Kommune, Knud Højgaards Fond and Dansk Komponist Forening's NYE VEJE scholarship .


Current Resonance - DOUBLE DUOS - 24.06.22 Klubscenen, Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium Aarhus - 20.00 ​

Current Resonance - DOUBLE DUOS - 20.06.22 Metronomen, Frederiksberg - 20.00

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