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Do this, do that... but

not that and not quite yet


(viola, accordion, live video, electronics + audience )




ca. 15'





Live camera feed, live electronics, (Max MSP and Logic Pro X) + audience participation

First performed by Duo Van Vliet at SPOR Festival 2024

24.05.2024 Åbne Scene, Aarhus

Commissioned by SPOR Festival with support from KODA Kultur and Dansk Komponistforening


About the work:


Two musicians stare intensely into each other's eyes and engage in a staring contest. If their opponent blinks, a chain of consequential sonic and performative responses are set into action. 

Eventually, myriad instructions that have been fed to the performers' earphones end up being addressed directly to the audience, who are invited to engage in various reactive games involving blinking, vocal percussion, deep listening, both with fellow audience members and the on-stage performers.


SPOR Festival 2024 - Åbne Scene, Aarhus - 24.05.2024 - 19:30

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