Matthew is a composer working in acoustic and electronic sound, text, video and performance

"...contemporary music that recognised no boundaries whatsoever." - Keith Bruce, The Herald.


performance archive only dates back as far as 2017



(solo bassoon)

Ben Hudson 

'Black Milk' - Psappha Ensemble

29.04.21 Hallé St Peter's, Manchester - 19:30

* 10 Polaroids

(string trio)  

Dohnányi String Trio

St Magnus International Festival

24.06.20, St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall (Orkney) - 13:00

* CONTACT (world premiere)

(Interactive audiovisual)

Harry Gorski-Brown, Andy Sowerby, Matthew Grouse

Cryptic Nights, 2020

26.03.20, Contemporary Centre of Arts, Glasgow - 19:30

08.10.20 (re-scheduled date postponed again)

* Daily Rituals (mvt. II)

(soprano, clarinet, harp, double bass and electronics)

The Hermes Experiment

The Night With 2019

26.03.20, St Alfege Church, London - 13:00

* wood.pulse

(solo bassoon)

Ben Hudson 

'Das Lied von der Erde' - Psappha Ensemble

19.03.20, Hallé St Peter's, Manchester - 19:30

* Polyglots

(4 performers using instruments & Duolingo + video)

Current Resonance & Matthew Grouse

Panorama Festival 2020

14.03.20, Musikhuset, Aarhus - 20:00

* Add a public comment ... (world premiere)

(SATB choir, virtual singer and video)

RAMA Vocal Ensemble (cond. Charlotte Rowan)

Panorama Festival 2020

12.03.20, Musikhuset, Aarhus - 19:00


Polyglots (world premiere)

(4 performers using instruments & Duolingo + video)

Current Resonance & Matthew Grouse

Pulsar Festival 2020

14.03.20, RMC, Copenhagen - 20:00

Eye of the Storm


Pulsar Festival 2020

14.03.20, RMC, Copenhagen - 20:00


(solo timpani and audio playback)

Maria Rullestad Teigen

Percussion Concert

11.12.19, Rytmisk Sal, Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus - 20:00

Daily Rituals

(soprano, clarinet, harp, double bass and electronics)

The Hermes Experiment

The Night With 2019

27.11.19, Belmont Filmhouse, Aberdeen - 20:00-21:30

Daily Rituals

(soprano, clarinet, harp, double bass and electronics)

The Hermes Experiment

The Night With 2019

26.11.19, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh - 20:00-21:30

Daily Rituals (world premiere)

(soprano, clarinet, harp, double bass and electronics)

The Hermes Experiment

The Night With 2019

25.11.19, The Hug n Pint, Glasgow - 20:00-21:30


(solo timpani and audio playback)

Maria Rullestad Teigen

Days of Percussion

24.11.19, Lille Sal, Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus - 20:00

wood.pulse (world premiere)

(solo bassoon)

Ronan Whittern 

Glasgow Experimental Music Series

02.11.19, The Pipe Factory, Glasgow - 14:00


(solo timpani and audio playback)

Maria Rullestad Teigen

Current Resonance Festival

26.10.19, Kammermusiksal, Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus - 20:00

Eye of the Storm // Scratch // I scream at the wind (I hear no answer)

(electronic // audiovisual)

'Boundary Works'

04.10.19, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City - 20.00

Apertures (world premiere)

(solo clarinet in Bb) 

Fernando Domínguez

Visiones Sonoras 15

26.09.19, Auditorio CSAM, Morelia (Mexico) - 20.00

I scream at the wind (I hear no answer)

(solo soprano saxophone and live electronics) 

Poppy Philligreen (sax) & Sean Rogan (electronics)

Proximity // Fuel Cafe

23.09.19, Fuel Cafe, Manchester (UK) - 20.00


Eye of the Storm


MAtera INtermedia Festival 

14.09.19, Palazzotto del Casale, Matera (Italy) - 20.00

2 songs:  Another Binewski // Toodle Oodle

(mezzo, clarinet, violin and cello)

Hebrides Ensemble

Edinburgh International Book Festival

26.08.19, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh - 20:30-21:30


Eye of the Storm


Jubilee Pool Stories

17.06.19, CAST, Helston (Cornwall) - 19:30

Eye of the Storm


Commute Festival (Estonian Academy of Music)

28.04.19, Kino Sõprus Cinema, Estonia - 19:00

Eye of the Storm // Scratch


Lumen / The Cosmic Sublime Factory

26-28.04.19, The Pie Factory, London - 11:00-17:00

A Mechanism Buried Inside You

(17 piece big band)

Aberdeen University Jazz Orchestra

31.03.19, The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen - 19:30

Wine Lips


DIAS Ensemble 

13.02.19, Ledger Recital Room, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow - 20:30


(solo timpani and audio playback)

Joshua Dunbar

noise.pocket : 4 pieces

11.02.19, Ledger Recital Room, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow - 13:00

Eye of the Storm


Stockholm Experimental and Animation Film Festival

05.01.19, Zita Folkets Bio, Stockholm - 18:00



Nevis Ensemble Inaugural Scottish Tour,

August 2018 in affiliation with Glasgow2018 (up to 70 performances at venues ranging from the Britannia Panopticon to the summit of Ben Nevis)

A Crowning Insult

(Quintet - arranged for cl. / vln. / vlc. / hp. / e-gtr)  

Saori Nakazawa, Elena Perales Andreu, Rahel Schweizer, Valerie Fritz, Mauricio Galeano

Chamber Sessions

26.07.18, Lichtenbergschule, Darmstadt - 11:00

Pressed Steel - ètude for electric guitar 

(solo electric guitar) 

Sean Rogan

Etudes for Electric Guitar

25.07.18, Akademie für Tonkunst, Darmstadt - 11:00

The Periphery Archives

(small amplified ensemble, soundtrack and video)

Inkeri Kallio, Thomas Kettle, Adam Hall, Jose Javier Ucendo Malo, Joshua Dunbar, Matthew Grouse 

PLUG 6: Craig Armstrong Prize

09.07.18, Stevenson Hall RCS, Glasgow - 18:00


(bassoon, 2 keyboards and live electronics)

PLUG 2: Sonic Arts

Ronan Whittern, Electra Perivolaris, Stuart Moir, Matthew Grouse

07.05.18, Stevenson Hall RCS, Glasgow - 20:00

Scratch // Eye of the Storm

(audiovisual collaborations with Andy Sowerby)  

2021 Concerts: Perception exhibition

04-06.05.18, APT Gallery, Deptford (London)


(2 pianos)  

Occupy the Pianos: Call for Scores

Rolf Hind and Andrew Zolinsky

20.04.18, St John's, Smith Square, London - 13:00

A Crowning Insult

(Quintet - cl. / vln. / vlc. / hp. / e-bass)  

Red Note

15.03.18, Ledger Recital Room RCS, Glasgow - 18:00

Coming through the firmament

(string quartet)  

RCS New Music Collective

16.02.18, Ledger Recital Room RCS, Glasgow - 13:00

Scratch // The Eye of the Storm

(audio/visual collaborations with Andy Sowerby)

RCS New Music Collective

16.02.18,  Ledger Recital Room RCS, Glasgow - 13:00


10 Polaroids

(string trio)  

St Andrew's University lunchtime concert series

Dohnányi String Trio

29.11.17, St Salator's Chapel, St Andrews - 13:00

Eye of the Storm

(audio/visual collaboration with Andy Sowerby)

EviMus Festival

02.11.17, Europaallee 25, Saabrücken, Germany

Scratch // The Eye of the Storm

(audio/visual collaborations with Andy Sowerby)

Sound / Image 2017 - University of Greenwich

11.11.17, Stockwell Gallery, London

10 Polaroids

(string trio)  

Dohnányi String Trio

Live Music Now: Emerging Artists

18.09.17, Usher Hall, Edinburgh - 11:00

Wine Lips


The Assembly Project

St Magnus Festival (New music, New directions)

21.06.17, St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, Orkney - 13:00

10 Polaroids

(string trio)  

Dohnányi String Trio

06.06.17, Balmanno House Care Home (Live Music Now),



07.06.17, Ashton Grange Care Centre (Live Music Now), Glasgow

10 Seconds

(mixed chamber ensemble)

Composer's Collective 

PLUG 3: Composer Collective

10.05.17, Ledger Recital Room RCS, Glasgow - 17:00


(2 pianos)  

Gillian Daly and Jose Javier Ucendo Malo

PLUG 8: Glasgow Piano Duets II

11.05.17, Ledger Recital Room RCS, Glasgow - 21:00

I scream at the wind (I hear no answer)

(amplified saxophone, live electronics and playback)

Lewis Banks and Matthew Grouse

PLUG 2: Late Night Electroacoustic

09.05.17, Stevenson Hall RCS, Glasgow - 21:00

Scratch // Eye of The Storm  

(2 audiovisual collaborations)

Electroacoustic Concert


Alexander Gibson Opera Studio RCS, Glasgow - 19:30


(mixed chamber ensemble)


 MusicLab - Cumnock Tryst Revisited

20.01.17, Stevenson Hall RCS, Glasgow - 13:00




Sounds Unbound

Diffused by Matthew Grouse

09.01.17, Chandler Studio Theatre RCS, Glasgow - 19:30


Riot Ensemble and hcmf// announce Zeitgeist commissions

June 29, 2020

Matthew is one of 6 composers to receive a Zeitgeist Commission in partnership with Riot Ensemble and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. He will be collaborating with Sam Wilson on a new work for percussion, live electronics and video. Find out more about the project at the following link:

Daily Rituals released on The Night With ... Live Vol. One

March 05, 2020

A live recording of Matthew's 'Daily Rituals', performed by the Hermes Experiment will be released amongst other pieces from The Night With's 2019 season. The album is available to pre-order now and to pre-save on streaming platforms. 

Track listing (disc 2):

18. Daily Rituals - I. Autopilot (excerpt from letter F)

19.Daily Rituals - II. Verisimilitude

20.Daily Rituals - III. and what do you do after that?

CONTACT premieres at Cryptic Nights 2020

January 05, 2020

Matthew and Andy Sowerby's third collaboration, CONTACT will be premiered at Glasgow's Contemporary Centre of Arts as part of Cryptic Nights 2020. The event will be on the 26th March and will be preceded by screenings of two earlier audiovisual works by the pair, 'Scratch' and 'Eye of the Storm'. CONTACT is an interactive AV show that foregrounds the touch sense and makes use of multi-channel projections; custom-built tactile electronic instruments; prepared, electronically processed violin (performed by Harry Gorski-Brown); audio-reactive video; and at times, music being felt through vibration motors rather than heard.

Concerts and lectures in Mexico

August 10, 2019

Matthew is incredibly grateful to have been invited to travel to Mexico for 2 weeks at the end of September, courtesy of CMMAS & Cryptic Glasgow as part of SHUM, a 3 year collaboration program for artistic exchange between Anglo Arts, British Council, CMMAS and Cryptic. ​


The world premiere of his solo clarinet piece 'Apertures' will be given by Fernando Domínguez, member of Onix Ensemble @ the 15th anniversary of Visiones Sonoras Festival in Morelia. Matthew will also be presenting some talks on his music at the festival's conference and at ENES of UNAM Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. ​


As a concert extension of the Visiones Sonoras Festival, Matthew will end the trip by performing some of his electronic & audiovisual work at Ex Teresa Arte Actual in Mexico City alongside Alex Menzies who will present his beautiful piece 'So Below'.

The Night With commission a new work for The Hermes Experiment

June 09, 2019

Matthew is delighted to have been commissioned by The Night With  to write a new piece for The Hermes Experiment. The new piece, which is all about our daily rituals and routines will receive it's world premiere and multiple performances during the week commencing 25.11.19 in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Find out more here:

Hebrides Ensemble Commissions Songs for Edinburgh Book Festival

June 06, 2019

Matthew has been asked on board as one of the composers (alongside Gareth Williams, Linda Buckley, James MacMillan & Pàdruig Morrison) for the 'Last Lines' project at Edinburgh International Book Festival. 9 new songs will be written for Hebrides Ensemble, drawing on the last lines of your favourite novels, so it would be amazing if you could tweet @HEB_Ensemble or email with your favourites.

Cove Park Artist Residency 2019

February 25, 2019

Matthew is delighted to have been offered an eight day residency at the end of February by internationally-renowned producing art house, Cryptic. The residency will be situated within the stunning surroundings of Cove Park, where Matthew will be starting development on the music and research for an audiovisual collaboration with visual artist, Andy Sowerby, which will culminate in 2020. Click the image to view a blog post on the residency.

Psappha: 'Composing for Bassoon' scheme

September 11, 2018

Matthew has been selected to participate in Psappha's 'composing for bassoon' scheme with bassoonist Ben Hudson. Over the course of the next year Matthew will work closely with Ben and Psappha on a new solo piece which will be recorded at Saint Michael's Ancoats, Manchester. The recording can now be watched by clicking HERE!

Scottish Awards for New Music 2018

March 08, 2018

Matthew is incredibly grateful to have been awarded  the Dorico Award for Small/Medium Scale Work sponsored by Steinberg for his piece 10 Seconds.  Eye of the Storm, his audiovisual collaboration with Andy Sowerby was also shortlisted for the Holiday Inn Theatreland Award for New Electroacoustic/Sound Art Work

Nevis Ensemble Commission

January 23, 2018

Matthew has been commissioned to write a new orchestral piece for the Nevis Ensemble, Scotland's street orchestra. The piece will be performed as part of their August tour, which will take in 70 performances in public and community settings around Glasgow and Scotland as part of Glasgow2018.

Yaron Deutsch's Electric Guitar Etude Project - Darmstadt 2018

December 19, 2017

Matthew has been accepted for a scheme initiated by Yaron Deutsch and the  Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt. As a result  he will be  working with Yaron and the guitar students of the Darmstadt Summer Course and writing a new etude for electric guitar as part of a series of 12 commissioned etudes, including works by the likes of Rebecca Sauders, Pierluigi Billone and Chaya Czernowin. This will be presented at the Darmstadt Summer Course 2018 of which Matthew will be a participant. Matthew's attendance at Darmstadt has been generously supported by Help Musicians UK.

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