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Collaborative music-theatre / Live audiovisual / Installations

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(Click the blue text for score, documentation and more information about a selection of pieces)
For works with titles in black font (not clickable), feel free to use the 'contact' page for more information


abacus of because (music-theatre collaboration between Current Resonance and K!ART)

Duration: work-in-progress ca. 40'

First sharing of work-in-progress: Åbne Scene, Godsbanen, Aarhus as a culmination of a two week residency - October 24th 2022


CONTACT: interactive audiovisual collaboration with Andy Sowerby (projections, instruments, electronics)

Duration: ca. 30'

Premiere: Cryptic Nights, postponed due to COVID-19, and premiered 08.09.2022 (programmed alongside 'Scratch' and 'Eye of the Storm') - Harry Gorski-Brown, Patrick Shand, Matthew Grouse, Andy Sowerby


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